Authentication Pipeline


class authpipe.views.RegistrationTokenView(**kwargs)[source]

Handles registration and deletion of tokens for maintaining chrome notifications for users who choose to enable the feature.


Creates a notification token for the user.


authpipe.utils.associate_students(strategy, details, response, user, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Part of our custom Python Social Auth authentication pipeline. If a user already has an account associated with an email, associates that user with the new backend.

authpipe.utils.check_student_token(student, token)[source]

Validates a token: checks that it is at most 2 days old and that it matches the currently authenticated student.

authpipe.utils.create_student(strategy, details, response, user, *args, **kwargs)[source]

Part of the Python Social Auth pipeline which creates a student upon signup. If student already exists, updates information from Facebook or Google (depending on the backend). Saves friends and other information to fill database.