Want your school on We want it too! Want to see a new feature to help your peers? Let’s make it happen. We want to help you make the impact you want to see. We’ll even find you something impactful to work on if you’re not sure where to start.


Built for students by students. is an open source web platform created to bring modern technology to the most difficult and archaic parts of higher education. It all started with one problem, universal across all college campuses: course registration is a pain. Spreadsheets, sticky notes, PDFs of course evaluations, and an outdated registration platform….it is all too much in the heat of classes and exams. We set out with the mission to make college more collaborative and more stress free.

What We Believe In

Today, we work to solve many more exciting problems in this space across many more universities. However, our fundamental beliefs remain the same:

Course registration should be easy

Picking the right classes should be quick and painless. We believe high quality, centralized, and shareable information makes for better decision making. By doing the legwork for you, gives you more time to study for your courses, and decreases the time spent studying which classes to take.

Education should be collaborative

Studies show the positive impact that friendship has in higher education classrooms. Having courses with friends and a tigther knit university community increases student success and retention. That’s why helps students find courses with friends and helps new students make new friends in their classes.

Students know best

Universities can’t keep up with technology. Most university systems aren’t even mobile responsive! Forget about using social media. That’s why is built by students, and always will be.