Frontend Documentation

The Structure


to understand the file structure, it is best to complete the following tutorial: EggHead Redux. We follow the same structure and conventions which are typical of React/Redux applications.

Our React/Redux frontend can be found in static/js/redux and has the following structure:

├── __fixtures__
├── __test_utils__
├── __tests__
├── actions
├── constants
├── helpers
├── init.jsx
├── reducers
├── ui
└── util.jsx

Let’s break down this file structure a bit by exploring what lives in each section.

__fixtures__: JSON fixtures used as props to components during tests.

__test_utils__: mocks and other utilities helpful for testing.

__tests__: unit tests, snapshot tests, all frontend driven tests.

actions: all Redux/Thunk actions dispatched by various components. More info on this (more info on this below: Actions)

constants: application-wide constant variables

init.jsx: handles application initialization. Handles flows (see Flows Documentation), the passing of initial data to the frontend, and on page load methods.

reducers: Redux state reducers. (To understand what part of state each reducer handles, see Reducers).

ui: all components and containers. (For more info see What Components Live Where).

util.jsx: utility functions useful to the entire application.


This file is responsible for the initialization of the application. It creates a Redux store from the root reducer, then takes care of all initialization. Only in init.jsx do we reference JSON passed from the backend via timetable.html.

It is this JSON, called initData which we read into state as our initial state for the redux application. However, sometimes there are special flows that a user could follow that might change the initial state of the application at page load. For this we use flows which are documented more thoroughly at the following link: Flows Documentation.

Other actions required for page initialization are also dispatched from init.jsx including those which load cached timetables from the browser, alerts that show on page load, the loading of user’s timetables if logged in, and the triggering of the user agreement modal when appropriate.

Finally, init.jsx renders <SemesterlyContainer /> to the DOM. This is the root of the application.


The actions directory follows this structure:

├── calendar_actions.jsx ── exporting the calendar (ical, google)
├── exam_actions.jsx ── final exam scheduling/sharing
├── modal_actions.jsx ── openning/closing/manipulating all modals
├── school_actions.jsx ── getting school info
├── search_actions.jsx ── search/adv search
├── timetable_actions.jsx ── fetching/loading/manipulating timetables
└── user_actions.jsx ── user settings/friends/logged in functionality


The reducers directory follows this structure:

├── alerts_reducer.jsx ── visibility of alerts
├── calendar_reducer.jsx
├── classmates_reducer.jsx
├── course_info_reducer.jsx
├── course_sections_reducer.jsx
├── custom_slots_reducer.jsx
├── exploration_modal_reducer.jsx
├── final_exams_modal_reducer.jsx
├── friends_reducer.jsx
├── integration_modal_reducer.jsx
├── integrations_reducer.jsx
├── notification_token_reducer.jsx
├── optional_courses_reducer.jsx
├── peer_modal_reducer.jsx
├── preference_modal_reducer.jsx
├── preferences_reducer.jsx
├── root_reducer.jsx
├── save_calendar_modal_reducer.jsx
├── saving_timetable_reducer.jsx
├── school_reducer.jsx
├── search_results_reducer.jsx
├── semester_reducer.jsx
├── signup_modal_reducer.jsx
├── terms_of_service_banner_reducer.jsx
├── terms_of_service_modal_reducer.jsx
├── textbook_modal_reducer.jsx
├── timetables_reducer.jsx
├── ui_reducer.jsx
├── user_acquisition_modal_reducer.jsx
└── user_info_reducer.jsx

What Components Live Where

All of the components live under the /ui directory which follow the following structure:

├── alerts
│   └── ...
├── containers
│   └── ...
├── modals
│   └── ...
└── ...

General components live directly under /ui/ and their containers live under /ui/contaners. However alerts (those little popups that show up in the top right of the app), live under /ui/alerts, and all modals live under /ui/modals. Their containers live under their respective sub-directories.


Component File Screenshot Description
course_modal_body.jsx _images/course_modal_body.png  
course_modal.jsx _images/course_modal.png  
exploration_modal.jsx _images/exploration_modal.png  
final_exams_modal.jsx _images/final_exams_modal.png  
peer_modal.jsx _images/peer_modal.png  
preference_modal.jsx _images/preference_modal.png  
save_calendar_modal.jsx _images/save_calendar_modal.png  
signup_modal.jsx _images/signup_modal.png  
textbook_modal.jsx _images/textbook_modal.png  
tut_modal.jsx _images/tut_modal.png  
user_acquisition_modal.jsx _images/user_acquisition_modal.png  
user_settings_modal.jsx _images/user_settings_modal.png  

General Components

Component File Screenshot Description
alert.jsx _images/alert.png  
calendar.jsx _images/calendar.png  
calendar.jsx _images/calendar.png  
course_modal_section.jsx _images/course_modal_section.png  
credit_ticker.jsx _images/credit_ticker.png  
custom_slot.jsx _images/custom_slot.png  
day_calendar.jsx _images/day_calendar.png  
evaluation_list.jsx _images/evaluation_list.png  
evaluation.jsx _images/evaluation.png  
master_slot.jsx _images/master_slot.png  
pagination.jsx _images/pagination.png  
reaction.jsx _images/reaction.png  
search_bar.jsx _images/search_bar.png  
search_result.jsx _images/search_result.png  
search_side_bar.jsx _images/search_side_bar.png  
semesterly.jsx _images/semesterly.png  
side_bar.jsx _images/side_bar.png  
side_scroller.jsx _images/side_scroller.png  
slot_hover_tip.jsx _images/slot_hover_tip.png  
slot_manager.jsx _images/slot_manager.png  
slot.jsx _images/slot.png  
social_profile.jsx _images/social_profile.png  
sort_menu.jsx _images/sort_menu.png  
terms_of_service_banner.jsx _images/terms_of_service_banner.png  
terms_of_service_modal.jsx _images/terms_of_service_modal.png  
timetable_loader.jsx _images/timetable_loader.png  
timetable_name_input.jsx _images/timetable_name_input.png  
top_bar.jsx _images/top_bar.png