Exams App

The exams app provides minimal infrastructure for concluding exam periods based on a timetable. So far it only supports rule based scheduling meaning “If Monday 9-12, exam is 5/12 2-5pm” and is only used at Johns Hopkins. However, the infrastructure can be used for any school using a rule based approach.


class exams.models.FinalExamShare(*args, **kwargs)[source]

Database object representing a shared final exam schedule. A final exam schedule belongs to a Student and contains the list of classes which the user needs to check finals for

exception DoesNotExist
exception MultipleObjectsReturned


get_feature_flow(request, slug)[source]

Return data needed for the feature flow for this HomeView. A name value is automatically added in .get() using the feature_name class variable. A semester value can also be provided, which will change the initial semester state of the home page.

class exams.views.ExamView(**kwargs)[source]

Final Exam Scheduler

Example Implementation

class exams.jhu_final_exam_scheduler.JHUFinalExamScheduler[source]

Database Object that has a list of JHU’s rules for the current semester. Should be updated every semester. Initialize each Rule with select fields depending on what determines whether the Rule is valid for. See Final Exam Scheduler for more information